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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
Stick with it Jack , it would be a great shame to lose you, I too am struggling with my Daystate Airwolf at the moment, It is frustrating, but hey there are so many other makes of gun to miss with out there, I may try something different
Oh, it's not the gun, or the scope or the pellets or the target.
All my kit is great. Not everyone's choice , but in the right hands it is capable of very good performances.
It's just the constant taking two steps forward and three back.
It wears me down after a while. I've been trying since last February to put a half decent score in, and it gets me down that everyone else seems to be able to do it without any problems.
But it's not even about the scores. I am [slowly] improving.
It's about the frustration of having to repeatedly try to set the gun and scope up so that I can turn up at a shoot and rely on it. And the worst bit is that it is me that's messinng things up, time after time.
If I hadn't dropped it this morning, I could have gone onto the course, missed almost everything, [as per normal] and happilly blamed it on the howling Sywell wind.
If it was just down to the kit, it would have gone in the skip a long time ago.
It's me that could do with being chucked in the skip. Not my kit.
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