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I can honestly say that this was probably a proper weathered Winter League Shoot.

Just about dried out driving with a heated front seat was nice . Happy with my score of 26 considering the conditions. Rifle and scope currently drying out but the lenses will need a clean to remove all the drops on them. Hit all 4 standers and missed 1 kneeler (must turn parralax to the correct setting) and the the remaining misses were due to the wind (90%) and me (10%).

Having the advanatge of shooting the last 8 lanes on clean faceplates I know that 5 of my misses landed within a pellet width of the kill at either 3 or 9 o'clock, about 3 were due to me and the rest were due to wind. Still do not understand how leaves moving across the target lane nearly in a straight line can cause a pellet to fly straight

Roll on the next round must get a bit more practise in. Done the 1st two with none at all.
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