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Angry How Close ..... ??

do you get to the brink of grabbing all of your gear, that you've spent oodles of money upon, and taking it up to the tip, to throw it all in a skip?

On Friday, not entirely satisfied with the accuracy of the Mk3, I went, again, to Sywell and spent several hours, checking, adjusting, refining the POI --- until it was absolutely spot on.
I was really pleased with it.
Yesterday, I checked it, in the garden, at relatively short ranges, and was delighted with it.

Today I went up to Sywell again for the Sunday morning shoot.
The wind was howling, but only on par for Sywell. But I anticipated putting in a reasonable [for me] score.
I picked up the gun to walk up to the range ~~~~ and dropped it. Only about 3 inches, but .....
The moment it landed I knew that all of my work on Friday had been wasted.
Sure enough. I arrived at the zero range and tried to see how far out it was, but the plates were so peppered with pellet marks, I had no way of knowing which mark was mine. I could hear the pellet hitting the plate, but had no idea where it was landing [the plates are 2ft square]
So I came home.
Disappointed and fairly despondent.
Fortunately, I didn't pass a tip on the way home or I would have been severely tempted to call in.

So tomorrow, guess where I'll be; and what I'll be doing.

If I had this much trouble with a bike or a camera, I'd have junked them long before now, and taken up a nice easy outdoor hobby like :-
skydiving without a parachute.
whitewater rafting without a paddle.
walks around the reservoir with the wife.

Certainly not FT air rifle. It's a /@:-##%*" nightmare At the moment, I'll be thoroughly pleased when I've had enough of it !!!

Also yesterday, having spent some time recently considering a practical routine to adopt for comps, I composed a format that I would be easily able to follow and remember.
And I devised it so that it would incorporate kneeling & standing lanes - hence range-find the 2nd target first, and remember the range, then the 1st target and shoot, subsequently returning to the 2nd target and recalling the range.
Which is all very well. And I understand the logic of it perfectly.

Except that my short term memory is virtually non-existent.
So by the time I return to the 2nd target, I can no longer recall what the range was. So I have to re-range-find it.

So I set myself the task of somehow, effectively and efficiently, [considering all of the potentially possible adverse weather conditions] recording the range of the 2nd target for recall after shooting the 1st target.
And I concluded the exercise with the idea of a small wheel, attached to the right hand side of the scope, marked around its circumference from 8yds to 55yds.

Then this morning, having had a disturbed night thinking through the details, I suddenly thought, hang on a moment. I'm going to all of this effort for the sake of 2 standing lanes and 2 kneeling lanes.
Even in a GP if I run out of time and only got one shot in each time, I would only potentially lose 6 shots
In WL that would give me 36 possible.
In GP that would give me 44 possible.
I would be over the moon to get half of those scores.

So I've dumped the idea of the recall wheel: and have reverted to range-finding and shooting each target individually. I do appreciate that I need to get quicker on the lanes, but I'll practice until I DO become quicker. If folks find it frustrating going round the course with me, I'm quite happy to shoot the course on my own and not put a score in.

The thing that prevents me from chucking the whole thing out of the window, is that I do enjoy being outside, with you great people, whom I heartily enjoy spending the day with. Having a chuckle and enjoying the atmosphere. I'm not that impressed with the wet and the mud. Cold and snow I wouldn't have a problem with.
I must confess that, at the moment, I would be happier just turning up with my camera and having a day out. Forget the gun. It's all far too much trouble.
The following six months will be the decider for me. Hopefully, the better weather is on the way And the FT gremlins finding some other poor s*d to pick on.
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