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Default FT stock LOP reduction.

This is one of those questions where whilst you are typing it the answer seems quite obvious.

HW77 in a Paul Wilson FT stock. Has a Wegu buttpad fitted. This only adjusts vertically.

I'm a dwarf and using this sitting ( just started FT 'again' @ Nov 2013 ) the LOP is too long. When the front arm is comfy around the front knee and the fore end sitting where I want it there I'm having to lean back to get the shoulder right in the buttpad and back is tensing up. Not good.

So I changed the Wegu for a Bisley alloy style ( got a few of these lying around ). This reduces LOP by a tad ... but not much ... 1/4". This actually feels a bit better as I can 'twist' the buttpad off vertical and that feels a better fit in the shoulder. Still leaning back.

So I took that pad off as well and just put a thin alloy plate on to see what it was like with reduced LOP. Now sitting more comfy ... not leaning back ( well not to the point back is tensing ). So that LOP feels about right. Problem with that is there is no concave shape to the plate so it's not stable enough in the shoulder so back end wobbles around.

Using the inside elbow to first joint on trigger finger that also suggest the LOP is too long with the buttpads and about right with the thin plate.

So bottom line there is that the wood needs to be reduced by about 1/2" so that the LOP will be right with the Bisley alloy pad.

Cutting the wood is quite a nervy thing. So I'll probably have that done by someone with a bandsaw or whatever and ask for it to be jigged up square. So that will mean stock going somewhere and paying out a few quid.

So I'm wondering whilst I'm having that done ... do I just ask for 1/2" to come off so I can fit the Bisley ... or is it best to get some more off ... say take it off virtually to the rear end of the cheekpiece. If I have it off to the cheekpiece then I can either space up with alloy plate or fit an adjustable unit between the wood and whatever buttplate I use. That way I can set it perfectly AND use whatever buttplate I decide to use in the future.

At this moment just a concave rubber pad at the right angle feels fine so I have no immediate plans for a full on target butt pad/hook assembly. I'll weigh the back end so that even on standers the gun won't be front heavy so I can't see any need for a hook?

See what I mean about answering your own question as you type.

I'm just reluctant to butcher that much off a Paul Wilson FT stock. If I just take the 1/2"off it will still look quite 'normal' with a 1/2" alloy or delrin spacer on ... plus the original Wegu adjustable pad if I sell it on.

Am I missing any other options?

Suggestions/comments please?

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