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Just a quick update for those waiting on the first batch.. They didn't come through today either

But I've had this back from the printers as a response..

A quick update on your existing order. Your models are at the very front of the queue, but sadly we are having some technical difficulties with the printer which has put everything on hold for a few days. The technicians are working as we speak and we should be up and running shortly.

They're also having a high demand for their services, so future orders are going to take at least 2 weeks.. grr.. it's pushing production back a bit, but there's nothing I can do apart from wait it out unfortunately

All my other orders have come in within about 5 days, so I was hopeful that these ones would be about the same timescale. But if they've got printer problems and high demand, it's slowing things down a bit.

Sorry chaps.. I'll keep on at them and keep you updated as soon as I know any more.

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