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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Adding to or removing from the rifle.

Is it allowed to add a pellet then remove it by shooting it?
There are potentially 3 types of situation regarding the rules.
  1. Stuff that's covered by the rules
  2. Stuff that isn't covered by the rules
  3. Stuff where it's not clear whether it's covered or not - a Grey area

The examples you gave earlier - Bipods, Kestrels etc.. are examples of Stuff not covered by the rules.
The pellet leaving the barrel thing - I dunno, maybe that's a grey area or falls into stuff that's not covered by the rules.

It's not possible to write rules that cover everything so it's impossible to get rid of grey areas and stuff that's not covered by the rules.. But the solution to that problem is the catch all - Chief Marshals decision.

The kneeling question is something entirely different though.. this is something that is covered by the rules. The rules say that freestyle can't break the rules of Prone, Kneeling and Standing and you can't pick and choose which rules are ok to break and which ones aren't ok to break - that's when you get a free for all where people start putting out 50% of the course as reducers.
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