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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Been thinking of a team name for you Woody and i reckon that this one is pretty much spot on ?


or maybe




but i think with you at the helm woody it should be .


No don't thank me ??? HOLLY
Thanks Hol’s, always a pleasure to have your wisdom and intelligent input.

Top marks, for what I am still not totally sure - but I guess it sounded good in your head.

Here's an idea how about, work with me here….. it’s a long about…..'Team March' ……… you think it has a certain ring to it!!

Helm? do x5 shooters need someone at the helm, when all they are doing is the sport they love on the GP circuit?!

I am just the guy who ask March if we could use their name in a team comp and a little commitment in clothing for 5 shooters. I think there are other guys who have had a far greater impact to the success of March scopes within the UK FT scene then me. (Conor, Berty, Rob F, Jon Harris maybe??)


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