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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Prone is a designated freestyle position so it's defined to stop supporting the gun on the ground.
The same line that could be taken to mean that Prone is freestyle also means that kneeling is freestyle.

The line is:

Freestyle: Any position that is safe and comfortable to the shooter and does not infringe the rules above.

Prone, Kneeling and Standing definitions are above that - so that means if you take a kneeling shot in a Freestyle lane it must not break the kneeling rules - just as it must not break the prone rules.

That was my point - if people are saying that it's ok to adopt a kneeling position in a freestyle lane that would have been an illegal kneeling position on a kneeling lane, then they're also saying that it's ok to adopt an illegal prone position on a freestyle lane. It's either ok to infringe the rules above or it isn't - there's no mention of being selective about which rules do and do not apply.

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