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Originally Posted by JonathanN View Post
“When is a Kneeler a Kneeler”. A kneeling shot is only a kneeling shot if taken in the position as defined by the rules for kneeling and in a designated kneeling lane, anything else would just be an alternative freestyle position, as long as it doesn’t infringe on any of the rules as described in the shoot rules then there isn’t a problem. There is no definition of a freestyle stance the rules only list what isn’t allowed not what is, nothing states there has to be 4 points of contact with the ground when shooting freestyle so 3 points of contact with the ground should be fine.
Just my take on the wording
If I follow you right Jono, the kneeling definition only applies to a kneeling lane - not to a 'freestyle lane'

When should the definition of a prone shot be used? I think the accepted standard is to apply the prone definition to a freestyle lane, in which case shouldn't the kneeling definition also be applied to a Freestyle lane?

I think that's where the confusion lies. If you say that on Freestyle lanes you can ignore the kneeling definition since it isn't a designated kneeling lane, then you must also be saying that you can also ignore the 'Prone' definition on a freestyle lane since it isn't a designated prone lane.
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