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Originally Posted by The Dictator View Post
not true holly, its just an excuse made by people to fool the BFTA into letting them take their kneelers sitting down.
in answer to the OP question, i was out of hospital in three days, and back doing FT that weekend.
i bled out a bit through the stapling but that was due to my jeans catching on the staples and ripping some out.
modern hips are pretty good and ready to work immediately, with only the wound healing time and general pain (from having your femur sawn in half) holding you back.
if you live a cautious life then give it a fortnight and wait for the staples to come out, if not make sure you have the op on a monday/tueseday as i did and you will be back competing by the weekend.
forgot to say, dont elevate your leg too much above 90deg to your torso as you can risk popping it out (which hurts), but saying that i stepped from a low branch on a tree once and left my THR leg on the branch and ended up with my knee in my mouth but the hip didnt dislocate.
I must say mate your my HERO,what a geezer you are.
ATB to you swede head.

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