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As Gary ( Scutter ) has said that gun is the fore runner to the Falcon 'FN' rifles.

They did 12 inch and 19 inch action Falcons so I presume they did Titans the same.

The longer the barrel the more shots you will get per charge.

I would try filing to no more than 170 bar ... maybe even 160 and check 40 shots as Gary has advised.

A lot of people will tell you to charge to 180 bar or even higher. That gun has a knock open valve which is sort of self regulating. If you fill it too high then the power 'curve' will be greater. You want the gun running at the best 40 shots. That will be starting from about 160 or 170 bar.

The 12 inch version will just about get you 40 decent shots within 20fps. The 19 inch version will do more but you only need the best 40.

Check the power as advised. These are easy to work on and set the power. Most people set the power close to 12fp on these with Bis Mags. You may find that with a lighter pellet like AA Fields 8.4gr that that will give a power of 10.5 to 11fp. That's fine for HFT.

It's a fine rifle to get you started in HFT but you will get addicted and probably want to start looking at more modern rifles.

Enjoy your HFT ... it's loads of fun.
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