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Also Rob we have an update:

first reponses from Police to entrants now categorically states that Springers need no paperwork or import permit to temporarily enter New Zealand. The import permit is a customs and excise matter if you intend bringing it here and leaving it here for example to on sell. If taking it home with you no import permit is required. Just pack it up and come.

PCP still requires a Visitor Lic.

Police have been made aware this event is on, and Firearms central branch are being as helpful as possible. It still comes down to being a fit and proper person, but taking the type of PCP being brought in being single shot target style, (not an assault rifle) and for this one specific event, they are being pragmatic.

They have been approached multiple times to see if we can streamline it through the application process but want to do it online through their system on a case by case basis. There is plenty of time to get this done though. Final cutoff midnight NZ time 30th June 2014 to have entered and paid.

Signups are trickling in early, mostly " repeat offenders " from past years.
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