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Never had a Falcon on my hands but I recently reviewed 2 scopes and swapped my Leupold Comp 40X for a Sightron 10-50 x60 Illuminated MOA.

The Leupold is excellent and tracks perfectly (Good recommendation by Holly) but I just can not shoot comfortably with anything above 20-25 X, specially the close range targets.

I placed both scopes side by side at 40X and the Sightron was brighter and both have the same contrast/definition..The optics are better than what it is inside my Nightforce Comp scope but neither scope is as sharp as a Zeiss Diavari I use for hunting, to me Zeiss and Swarovski have the very best in
optics but unfortunately offer nothing useful for FT.

I looked at a March 5-50 x 56 another shooter is using but wasn't able to compare it side by side with the others I am mentioning, nevertheless, while a well made and bright scope, I wasn't that impressed with the optics and don't think is worth twice the money for a Sightron or Leupold comp.

Another advantage is the not so heavy weight of the Sightron vs. let's say Nikko or Falcon but the extra weight may not be an issue for other shooters, it is to me.

The Sightron has the VERY BEST tracking I have seen in any scope at any price, returns to zero no matter what and the turrets are very sturdy, solid and heavy duty, in this field it wipes out any Leupold and even some of my Zeiss and Nightforce optics...I tested it going around 360 degrees (point of impact) and
it returned to zero five times consecutively. Tracking and parallaxing was repeatable every time.

I liked the MOA reticle better than the Mil-Dot and the illuminated floating dot is a good option. Unfortunately Sightron doesn't offer the extension tube as part of the scope, it is available at around 40-60 US dollars...I haven't ordered one yet.

Rangefinding with the Sightron is as good as the Leupold but the Sightron needed to be re-parallaxed at the factory to 10 yards. I believe it came 25 yards to infinity.

I don't know about pricing in the UK but here in the USA the Sightron is about the same price/quality as the Leupold and it is a very fine scope worth considering an looking at for FT or for very long range shooting.



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