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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
I've got some Daystate sovereign s if you want to try some of them Steve, not had chance to try them in my Regal yet but the previous owner recommended them to me for it! Will the Wolf be your new "weapon" of choice after your EV2 woes? I love shooting my own little Daystate but I'm not getting the results I want with it, Tbh I think it's me letting the gun down!
Ps I hope to have my own EV2 up and running soon once I've got some "custom" super low mounts made up for it by Rick!
Thanks Mick, sounds as though they’re worth a try. You know how I felt about the EV2 and how sorry I was to see it go; I wish you all the success with yourEV2.
I want to put plenty of practice in before using it for HFT; otherwise I will be verbally crucified by the team if I under perform with it.
Regards, Steve.
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