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Default Bfta sillies

Originally Posted by mark stenton View Post
Just remember, you can't wear a bispoke shooting jacket for the sillies in either the nefta classic or B.F.T.A G.P sillies.
Where in the rule's does it say you can not wear a shooting jacket at the bfta sillies?
It say's no gloves or sling's,nothing about jacket's

What was wrong with the jacket you tried on?
You may find that the leather jacket's are not quite so stiff has the canvas one's ,but wether that's an advantage i don't know.
I bought my first jacket second hand and it was canvas,then i bought a leather one brand new,can't say there was much between them apart from the leather one being left handed.
You need to try one on in a shop that know's how they should fit,and wear what you would normally shoot in.
Maybe even allow for an extra winter layer.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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