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Default Airwolf pellet testing

Last week when I acquired my first Daystate, a.177 Airwolf; I spent a little time familiarising myself with the electronics and general feel of the rifle. I filled the air reservoir to a maximum available175bar from my master cylinder, fitted a spare Hawke Panorama 4-12x40 and medium Sports Match mounts, charged the battery overnight and thereafter waited impatiently for a break in the wet and windy weather to trial it. Over the next couple of days I ordered a couple of beneficial accessories I wanted to add for HFT use.

Due to other commitments, today was the first opportunity to spend time with the rifle. Firstly I set about fitting a Rowan Engineering hamster and a single shot magazine that had arrived in the post earlier. I gathered together a few different brands of pellets from my stock, set out paper targets at 8, 25, 30 and 45yds; and a mat for prone position shooting.

Settling down on the mat, the first 10 shots at 30yd with Daystate Li produced a reasonable but individually hole spread group, the following groups with Accupell, F&T Special, RWS Super Field and H&N Field Target Trophy achieved similar spreads. Moving on to the pellets that perform well in my other rifles the first group of AA Field tightened up the spread to a single but largish hole, a second group of AA Field tightened up further to a nice tight clover leaf pattern, several groups at 45yds opened up to a thumb size group, I was getting somewhere at last I thought! Several groups of JSB Exact at 30yds where similar to the AAs but tightened up far better at 45yds.

For now the JSB are performing the best and I was ready to put them through the chronograph. Unfortunately due to poor light conditions my Pro Chrono Digital was hit and miss taking readings so that will have to wait for another day. I didnt bother with the closer range targets; I will leave them for another time when I can take accurate chronograph readings.
During my pellet testing I occasionally had a secondary discharge of air during the follow through. Upon reading the instruction manual to fault find I read it was not unusual, and to overcome the problem the manual recommended setting the computer to single shot function and resetting the safety between shots; problem solved!

Having spent a hard saved small fortune on buying the Airwolf, it was very reassuring for it to achieve and exceed my expectations in build quality, accuracy and smooth operation. I love my Weihrauch 100s and 97KT but the Daystate Airwolf takes top place in my present collection. I just hope I dont experience any of the negatives some other owners have had.

Regards, Steve.
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