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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
I like the Weaver T36 - but I've only ever looked at one or shot one at benchrest.

The good (as I see it):
-Simpler with front AO
-Good glass
-Repeatable clicks

The bad (as I see it):
-Can't mag down for standers
-Minimum focus distance of 50 feet or so
-Very fine reticle

Those that have shot or currently shoot a T36 - how have you overcome the "bad" items and why do you still use or choose this scope over say a Bushnell 8-32 or similarly priced Falcons, used Nikkos etc. And those that have used a Weaver and the others, how does it range compared to the other offerings...esp. the Bushnell 8-32 which would seem to be its most direct comparision (outside of being a variable mag).

I'm mainly considering one due to the light weight and the prices are quite good here in the USA.

Your better off with a 20+50 leupold casey . only a bit heavier but a lot better ??? HOLLY
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