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Default Cometa Exact Express Pellets

Hi all.
I want to carry out some comparrison testing between my current batch of JSB Exact Express pellets (4.52 cal) and some Cometa Exact Express pellets, which look to be the same but in a re-badged tin. As they don't appear to be available in the UK, any ideas where is the best place in Europe to buy the odd tin without having to spend as much or more on the delivery charge? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

The reason for this is I'm not very happy just lately with the quality of a batch of JSB Exact Express pellets I bought from Intershoot. Instead of the nice bright shiny pellets that I have come to know and love, the ones in this batch are all dark grey and dull due to oxidisation. I have complained to Intershoot, but they deny knowledge of a batch problem and assured me that the colour should not effect accuracy or consistency, but that I may need to clean the barrel more frequently and I must say I'm not entirely convinced by this. I have thought about trying to chemicaly remove the oxide coating, but having spoken to a chemist pal of mine it appears that lead is difficult stuff in that respect - that's what makes it so effective on roofs.

So, as the Cometa Express pellets that I have seen are all nice, bright and shiny; it's time to get some and do some testing.

Cheers All,
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