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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Thing is Rob the proposal did not state "Either"?

I and others dook it as read, "Knee / and or" so meaning both.

After the confusion over voting on the matter, I dont see it happening to be adding or taking away words from the proposal after the event.

Think its somthing for formal Bfta committee converstaion, so let your Reps know your views?.
Yes it did Si.

Only the Rear Foot, the Front Foot, the Knee and/or the Shin may contact the ground.
The Knee and/or Shin may be protected from the ground by use of a Bean Bag. If a Bean Bag is
used as such then either;

the Bean Bag must be directly under the Knee and laid flat (not rolled or folded)
the Knee must contact the ground. When the Knee contacts the ground, the bag can be rolled
or folded, and does not have to be laid flat.
The first sentence is a statement. The next sentence clearly says if a bean bag is used then how it is to be used. Either or...

This is directly quoted from the minutes and what was voted on.

Obviously if it's directly under the knee then it will contact the shin. But it has to be directly under the knee still, flat. If it's moved back along the shin then it's not directly under the knee, which is what the rule states. Simple.
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