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maybe we do need yet another EGM at Redferns but just to clarify.

Knee and/or Shin "may" ... may is indefinite in that maybe it can maybe it cannot and the word means "expressing a possibility". The definition then proceeds with explicit statements which remove such doubt

a) only refers to the knee it does not say knee/shin/ankle i.e. the bag must be under the knee nor does it say elbow, head, collarbone, etc. Just knee.
b) if knee is in direct contact with the ground then the bag may be rolled and placed under shin or ankle and then the bag must not touch several specific items. Doesn't have to be rolled and if someone likes a flat ankle which is very close to placing the shin on the ground then they should use a thin part of the bag and ensure that the rest of it doesn't touch thigh or front foot.

Rob and Shaun will produce definitive photographs which will show what is allowed and these will be used by the lane marshals. Competition Secretary's decision is final.

Clearly there are some who wish to interpret definitions in ways to suit themselves, nothing new there. If there are those who would like to make definitions even more specific (e.g. ISSF style rules) then I suggest they stand for BFTA Officer or Regional Rep positions and iron out these issues that way.

I have to admit, I am very much looking forward to stepping down from being Secretary.

BFTA Secretary 2012-2014
CSFTA Secretary 2014-2016

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