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Just be careful where the bag touches - leading foot or thigh will be 0s. Nice examples of what may or may not be problems can be seen in Simon's pics from Far Coley and just about any set of photos. Emphasise may since photos do not indicate position at moment shot is fired, etc. Many people will need to review their bag usage and I recommend getting the assistance of fellow club members over the coming weeks.

If you have a specific question on something which may be borderline or open to (mis-)interpretation let me know and either provide a link to an illustrative image or send me a small image file (contact method on the BFTA web site ). [If the image is of someone else ensure you have their permission to use it]

I will then collate such issues and work with the Committee folk to ensure the photographs and guidance to marshals is clear. Arguing about it on the lane will probably be counter-productive.

Just to remind folk - StB is very useful for discourse but it has no official status and does not set or define BFTA Rules.
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