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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Not knowing any details really and based purely on the information in your post I'd say.. if the target is closer than 45 yards, use the Steyr, beyond that, throw the pellets Sorry, I couldn't resist

Seriously, the first things I would do would be - proper barrel clean (I'd use a VFG kit), strip the hammer and check for damage. Try running it over a chrono to see if it is perhaps a reg problem. Change pellets.

My money would be on - dirty barrel or batch of pellets that it doesn't like.
Chris C very kindly showed me how to strip and clean the gubbins. The barrel has been cleaned so much it now.20. I pull it through every time I finish a session may be 200/300shots or less. The patches are coming out clean after 1 pull through. It's now getting to the point it's not worth the effort. Crono figs not the best but steyrs are not the best over the crono or so I'm told. Pellets wise it hates AA but is a lot better with JSB until it starts to throw them all over.

I'm thinking the reg may up s1st creek...or I need to shoot 1 pellet and then a patch then pellet lol.
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