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Only the Rear Foot, the Front Foot, the Knee and/or the Shin may contact the ground.
The Knee and/or Shin may be protected from the ground by use of a Bean Bag. If a Bean Bag is
used as such th
en either;
the Bean Bag must be directly under the Knee and laid flat (not rolled or folded)
the Knee must contact the ground. When the Knee contacts the ground, the bag can be rolled
or folded, and does not have to be laid flat.

If the bag is used under the knee then it must be flat.

If you use the bag elsewhere then your knee has to touch the ground, but the bag can be rolled.

I'm not sure where the confusion lays.

It's generally accepted that kneeling is 3 points of contact with the ground, yet that the bag could be placed under the knee to keep it clean. As that's the intention then it doesn't need rolling etc. If you aren't going to use it as such, but for support, then the knee has to touch.

It also can't touch other parts of the body,

In all uses
of the Bean Bag: No part of the Bean bag can touch, or appear to touch, any of the
following; Thighs, Buttocks, Front foot. No other use of a Bean Bag when adopting the Kneeling
Position is allowed.
So essentially, you can't float the knee in the air having put a thick bag under your shin. You can't sit on the bag either having stuffed a little bit under your ankle. You can't stick the bag on your knee. You can't fold it upright and lean into with your thigh.

Generally, the attempt is to outlaw what most people think isn't kneeling, and define what most people think it is.

I think the problems we had today is that the few who queried it thought that something fundamental had changed, which then became apparent nothing really had, unless you were sitting on the bag by accident, or had a floating knee, or had a coat stuffed in between fore-arm and gun stock. We managed to over come all of these but one chap may find kneeling a little easier with less beans in his bad, as he used it under his ankle and pretty much no matter how little he wedged under there, because it had more beans per square inch pressure than my dive cylinder, he did find it needed some adaptation of his position on his part.
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