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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Been watching the thread and concept from the beginning.

Looks better as a final product than the original renderings.

I think you are going to do well with this, and any future concepts. This is the way forward.

Let us know when the ecommerce site is up, and whether you intend making it available around the world.

Nice job.

Cheers Adam

The eCommerce site is ready to launch, but I'm just holding fire putting it live until the production models come in.. I want to be sure the quality's right before I launch an ecommerce site. The prototype came out well, but I've tweaked the design a little bit since then so I want to make sure the tweaks work first.

Sometime in the week now I reckon.

Yup, I can sort out international postage - just need to have a look into the best/cheapest/fastest way to ship stuff out internationally.
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