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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
I like the Anschutz I have since it can move up and down but the top hook part on yours look like it would give a lot more vertical stability. Seems you could almost set it on your shoulder. Nice work!

The odd thing is, you seem to get more support from the top 'over the shoulder' part than you do from the hook - the hook part becomes secondary to the stability really. and because you can angle each part in two planes you can get it to fit your shoulder profile perfectly. Once you slot it into your shoulder it just stays put - and it even helps with cant too.. it just locks in there without feeling restrictive or digging into your sides like other hooks.

I guess there's a good reason why the ISSF rules ban the over shoulder feature

Considering I made the design up based on a few hooks I've used in the past and taking lots of photo's of different hooks and how people had customised them.. I think I really struck it lucky with the design.. It's just so comfortable, I'm totally delighted with it. The real test is going to be getting the first 5 out there so other people can test it too.. at the moment I can't help worrying that I've designed it to fit me exactly but it might not fit other people as well.

Everyone who tried it out at Redfearns a couple of weeks ago commented on how comfortable it was though, which is encouraging.
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