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Originally Posted by Caseytx200 View Post
Thanks Brian,

I guess the first question to ask is how much?? If It is too expensive then I won't waste his time but would be interested to know!!

I have just started shooting (since December) and have a mk III TX with the mk II stock and Holly's old sightmark 10-40 56. I am getting used to the springer and it has been drummed into me by my Iceni mentor that I must get consistency, consistency, consistency!!!

Nice cable tie BTW, is it for a windindicator?

Sorry for being off topic....

Ah, laminate stocks aren't cheap, but Warren is about the cheapest at 500, or 375 for Walnut. I went for laminate for the extra weight ( and because I think they look cool )

You can do very well with just a standard stock though, in fact I had my best score with a CS700 thumbhole stock - not too far off being a standard stock. If you don't go for a new stock, I'd recommend getting your stock modified to have an adjustable cheekpiece - you're looking at about 50 for that mod to be done, but it really helps with getting a consistent head position. Your friend at Iceni is spot on with his advice, consistency is the key and to achieve that it helps to have a stock with reference points on it. I go through a quick mental checklist for each shot to make sure that my points of contact with the stock are the same every time.

Cable ties make excellent windicator fixings too

Stick at it, it takes a good while to get into a rhythm with them and don't be disheartened if you bomb out every now and then - springers are like that, one week you're flying, the next you're missing everything in sight and questioning your sanity.
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