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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
That tx is a buity Brian but my arm,s hurt just thinking about the weight of it but I dare say it takes a lot of the recoil out.
It's lighter with the new nylon butt hook on, a shade under 16lb all in
Nothing special inside, just standard AA piston/seal/bearings/spring/stroke... the only change I've made is to have better fitting delrin guides made up for it. The comment I've heard quite a few people say when I shoot now is - wow, that thing doesn't have any recoil!. I guess the weight soaks up most of it, but it's still very much there I can assure you. Not like the Murph's TX which recoils less than some PCP's I've owned.

A big heavy stock doesn't help much on standers though, hopefully the extra support I get from the hook will tip the scales in my favour a bit.
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