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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Looks much better in black, Bri! Would it take a coat of lacquer do you think? A gloss or satin top coat would make it look better still.
It has got a coat of lacquer on it, I'm just not very good at putting it on

I figured out where I went wrong with the green - well apart from the colour being just horrible!.. I didn't leave it in the dye for long enough.

Re-dyed it black and left it in for 40 minutes this time, then applied a couple of coats of watered down acrylic varnish with a brush. That came out flatter than I expected, so on the bits you'll see I put a final coat of not watered down varnish on. It's never going to be glossy gloss gloss, because the parts have a bit of texture to them. (Which is a good thing for a butt hook tbh)

I'm really not very good at this sort of thing - but I don't think it looks too bad now.

I was hoping to get the first 5 production models through the post this morning, but they haven't turned up so far
Fingers crossed they'll be here tomorrow.
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