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Originally Posted by Lol Moore View Post
Well I fall very firmly in the Chaff bracket, so you can take absolutely no notice of anything I say

In fact I also fall into the Pilchard bracket so you could say I am PILCHAFF

Maybe they should fit a new filtering mechanism to the forum for you Brian, then you will be able to filter out all these annoying meaningless comments from us Pilchaffs and read only stuff from hall of famers

Not sure where in this thread I mentioned anything about my views on pellet selection, or on choosing a batch to suit the particular gun, I agree with your slug/pipe analogy completly - when I want advice I will ask for it thank you very much, and I will make sure I only take notice of the none Pilchaffs

I absolutely agree its dedication and practice, but there is an element of having fancy gear - please tell me there there has to be or I will have to stop buying nice stuff

Where where?
Its comforting to read that most FT shooters don't faff about with their pellets.
I stopped some moons ago when I forgot to take my magic pellets that I'd weighed, sized and rolled on a south sea maiden's thigh.
So I used some straight from the tin.
Cleared the course.
Less is more.

More or less.

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