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Just thinking aloud...

European Countries in the WFTF : 19

Northern Ireland

But you could condense that into say a;

United Kingdom; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Northern Europe; Norway, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Netherlands
Southern Europe; Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Hungary, Greece

So perhaps 3 events, one in each region. As per other leagues, once the word spreads the venues could be bid for by other countries within that region. Like you say Chris, there are 3 rounds possible this year anyway... and I cant see 3 rounds being out of the stretch in the future.

Countries outside Europe : 5

New Zealand
South Africa
United States of America

So the US could hold a American Series as well. Just leaves those at the south end of the globe with a bit of traveling...

You could even have a US/Euro match at the Worlds to add a bit of spice.

Just while it's out there, i reckon the far east would be a good market for FT... imagine an FT shoot around the wall of china! Think of the numbers of shooters out there... that could wake the manufacturers up!

Anyway... travel and time are the two problems to solve... in reality I reckon everywhere is going to be a 3 day trip, and that's pushing it with one day in and one day out and one in the middle for the shoot. And the spons for the plane tickets could be a stretch... but then saying that, Scotland will cost me 120 in oil and 50 for a room + food and take a weekend. But lets say 4 days. It does limit the calendar a little... but i suppose I could put aside my GP title challenge for a while... give Gillott a rest.

There's a small aside in that the "Euro's" has it's traditional home at Weston Park, and so I think that would need careful steering... it's a very popular event in the UK, probably our highest profile as well. But then if the WFTF had a European league, then perhaps this wouldn't mean the shoots would tread on each other's toes.

But... saying that...

I've been wanting to try and combine a trip and shoot to italy (amongst others, but the other 1/2 is 1/2 italian so i'm working with it so to speak)... and the FFTI have just been admitted to the WFTF (now it accepts Regional as well as National governing bodies). And I think it would be good to run an instructor's course or workshop as well when we have these events.

Definitely the lure of shooting abroad is firmly hooked in me now. Have rig, will travel.

Oh this would be so much easier if the EFP was sorted... but on a serious note, I could be tempted to have a 12.1 gun, and the european league would be reasonable excuse.

Dunno about this TV malarky... I'd have to wear my best ripped jeans... and might need to trim the stubble a bit more...

We'd have to have some decent gear again as well. And a nice trophy.
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