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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
The thing with any forum is you get lots of opinions. If all of those opinions are in agreement, then it's a good bet that it's an opinion that's worth taking notice of.

If however you get conflicting opinions, adopting a method of filtering out the wheat from the chaff is prudent.

Now you can come up with your own filtering methods, but for me - people who win stuff and therefore have a proven and demonstrable ability = wheat, all the rest = chaff
Well I fall very firmly in the Chaff bracket, so you can take absolutely no notice of anything I say

In fact I also fall into the Pilchard bracket so you could say I am PILCHAFF

Maybe they should fit a new filtering mechanism to the forum for you Brian, then you will be able to filter out all these annoying meaningless comments from us Pilchaffs and read only stuff from hall of famers

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Not a rise my little sprout soufflé , I don't rise to anyone and trust me I come across some d1cks in my line of work.

Sorry to here you had to switch from FT as it was a little hard for you , never mind.

As Brian so democratically put , but if the general consensus of information is the same then it must be true ie Slug too Pipe compatibility.

All we are trying to advise you is try and minimise missing that's all, it's about having confidence in everything, but ultimately it's about dedication and practice.

Not sure where in this thread I mentioned anything about my views on pellet selection, or on choosing a batch to suit the particular gun, I agree with your slug/pipe analogy completly - when I want advice I will ask for it thank you very much, and I will make sure I only take notice of the none Pilchaffs

I absolutely agree its dedication and practice, but there is an element of having fancy gear - please tell me there there has to be or I will have to stop buying nice stuff

Originally Posted by skires View Post
I think pellets are at a point where you can find the batch for your barrel and use them out of the tin like most guys have found. The CZ stuff anyway.

I tend to just buy the batches that do well in my barrel and then give them a quick visual before loading them in. Any that have badly deformed skirts or extra bits sticking out of them get thrown. As I thumb them in the barrel I feel for a 'typically good' fit. Some will just fly in and I know they usually give a different POI in practice ... so I shoot them through into the ground ( not sure you are allowed to do that in FT ? ).

I tried washing, lubing etc. Bored me to death and I wondered if I was doing more harm than good with all that extra handling.

Having said all that ... and just to keep me confused. A couple of guys who have won plenty have told me that they weigh ( 1 guy ) and measure ( other guy ). I tried measuring with a BIC and found it did make enough difference with a certain pellet.

Probably the best shooters are the guys who win the FT GP's and the HFT Nationals and their opinion should be respected. Worth noting though that there are actually guys who have been shooting airguns, hunting or local target clubs, for a lifetime and are very very good shots and have a world of knowledge. They shouldn't be ignored just because they don't shoot the main comps. Plenty have all the gear and attend all the main shoots but still can't hit a cow's ar5e with a banjo, but they still hang on to the shirt tails of the best shooters and talk down to non attendees as if doing the circuit makes them something special. Filling in an entry form, paying your fee and doing the miles doesn't make you a good shot. That's not directed at anyone posting on this thread as I don't know any of you. It's from my own experience of attending clubs and shooting at targets for 20 years and shooting airguns for much longer.
...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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