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Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post
yer nice one derek not only did you run you pointy long girly finger nail over it you also went against the grain which is a big no no when it comes to wood in future please ask before handling someones rifle you should know that .
cheers dave i may take you up on that offer , i have given the stock another coat today of linseed oil , letting it dry at the moment as it takes 24hrs . oh and iv'e done those bits you spotted under the adjustable cheek rest .

dave ... can wax like bri wax be put on the stock without having to take off the oil or would three or four coats of linseed oil weather proof it enough also do you think i should oil the inside of the stock . any tips on keeping my stock in good nick would be helpful . cheers lads
Well the linseed will seal it for now mate , lucky you didn't take it out in the rain though as it would have blown and I doubt the cheek piece would have gone back

Keep using the linseed until it stops penetrating the wood , once it gets to that stage you are better off wiping off any excess with a lint free cloth .

TOP TIP if you need the stock done quickly : Put the stock in the airing cupboard to dry - the Mrs will kill you but the stock will be nice . lol



PS : See how the linseed goes before even bothering with the wax , wax can be used as a top up after you have been out shooting and scuffing your stock !
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