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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
I'm glad to see this has created some debate.

It seems to me that more people are making the effort to travel abroad to shoot, which is fantastic.

If a series of shoots could be set up it would encourage more shooters to do the same. It could also encourage sponsorship and raise the profile of the sport in general, it would be nice if that sponsorship went to help keep the costs for individuals down.

You never know it could make it onto a sports channel and we might see a Red Bull European title. I think European attitudes towards shooting might be better than ours over here, making this more likely than if we alone tried to raise the profile of the sport in Britain.

Anyway more to the point, wouldn't it be nice to spend one weekend a month shooting in another country
It would HAVE to be more interesting than the GOLF on Sky TV!

Regional comps are an interesting idea, it would play to regional strengths (things in common rather than things that differ), and give a stepping stone between National and World Comps. Its always a gamble as to whether the funds required to attend regionals might detract from attendances at annualWFTF events. After all there is limited funds in private pocketses my precioussssssssssss.

If the WFTF is a fully Amateur event, perhaps the Euro League could fill a void and become a partly Pro tour. Now who with deep pockets is up for sponsoring that? Lets see,.....who makes the most money out of FT/HFT/10m?


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