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Originally Posted by Yoeri_B View Post
Hey Steve, I would never do that, I rather send the rifle back to steyr and let them handel it.

Greetings Yoeri

Get yourself a borescope or find someone who has one, this is the only way for eliminating guessing.

From what you are saying, I am inclined to believe that your barrel has some lead maybe around the middle-end of the barrel or as Steve suggests, it needs to be re-crowned.

Unless you hit your crown or damaged it by using a cleaning rod from the face of the barrel, I don't see how else you could have damaged it, nevertheless it is a possibility...

Your Steyr barrel is very easy to remove (2 oppressors), so do it and scrub it with a bronze brush and a good lead remover such as JB's compound...Do it from the breech side and better yet if you use a rod guide.
Use patches until they come out clean and then use wet patches with a bore solvent to wipe any residue of JB's paste.

Crowning is something anyone with a lathe can do, it is no rocket science...Either a FLAT (90 Deg), 11 Degrees or a TARGET crown will work just fine...All you need is a SHARP crown and the profile is non-important.

Over 40 + years I've made many Centerfire rifles and lately some very accurate Benchrest Rimfire rifles and a few aiir rifles; and this has been my experience. I personally like the 11 degree crown profile.
Some people will think differently or prefer one profile over the other and this is OK, but you will find out that most gun-makers agree about the profile being unimportant and re-crowning a target profile in a Steyr's barrel will take no time.

Keep in mind that Steyr DOESN'T Repair barrels, they replace them...So why not try to resuscitate a dead barrel that was a good shooter and that will be discarded at the factory if returned?



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