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Default What The .......

What on earth induced me to think that I would enjoy Sywell this morning, I have absolutely no idea.

My good friend Mr P phoned me last night to suggest that I didn't go up to Castle this morning, as planned; because it was howling a gale there last night and promised to be still doing so this morning.

So I went to Sywell instead.
It was fine and dry when I left the house. 2 minutes into my 10 minute journey, and it had started to rain.
By the time I arrived it was raining quite hard, but there were five cars there - so .......
By the time I got onto the course I was already soaked ~ and I was in full wet-weather gear. No scuba tanks or flippers, but otherwise ......
6 people on the course. Not quite looking like drowned rats. Who had obviously arrived before it started raining and were all safely esconced under the zero area shelter. There weren't many targets out, but sufficient to suggest that Neil deemed it worthwhile shooting in.

So Neil, Col and myself [the only ones daft enough to leave the comparative comfort of the shelter] set off on a 20 target course, the idea being that we shot round it twice.

The MkIII Nikko fogged up repeatedly. I dripped on everything. Seat bags filled up with puddles of water, but the Daystate Mk3 never missed a beat. It did miss one or two targets, but that was due to the peripheral mechanism at the end of the butt plate. The fogged up scope. And that I'm a pooo shot.
No-one bothered with scores. Scorecards wouldn't have survived beyond the 2nd lane.

O/all I was pleased with the morning.
It vindicated all of the work and effort put in during the course of the week.

With regard to the Nikko fogging up and the front lens being coated with rainwater, I need to find some remedies. In the wet I shall in future use the sunshade. For the ocular lens I will either carry a piece of foam plug to place in the maximizer, or shoot wet days without the maximizer.

I hope that I got a better score than Mr P, who sat at home toasting his beanies in front of the fire.

And of course, the moment we had collected all of the targets and put them away in the store, the rain stopped, the wind dropped and it is now a perfectly normal lovely winters day.

But at Purley, next Sunday, I will have the psychological advantage, because I went out in it all today.

The gun has been stripped and cleaned - Balistol'd & is reclining upon its stand in the dining room.
I've been dried out, redressed in dry clothes, fed and am presently contentedly warm. Smugly knowing that Val has got to go out in it, to take the grandchildren home.
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