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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
Now suffering from becoming inreasingly long sighted and needing reading glasses, I have been stuggling to get the reticle in focus without winding the ocular dioptre adjustment a long way out.

I tried a Bullzeyepro lens, which worked but they are damn expensive. I then tried the close-up lens filters that can be screwed onto camera lenses. A +1.0 lens means that I can focus the crosshairs with only a small adjustment of the ocular dioptre adjuster. A bt of tape around the rim to hold it in place and then on with the scope enhancer and you can't even tell it's there.

The best thing is that a set of close-up lens filters can be bought of the bay of E for about a tenner, and come with +1.0, +2.0 and +4.0 lenses. I found +2.0 too strong for me. Just measure the ID of your ocular on your scope and find a filter size that means it will sit snugly in lace without actually touching the ocular lens.

The other benefit is that it magnifies both the crosshairs and the image from the objective, taking an 32x image to about 36-38x. Since everything appears a bit larger the apparent increase in crosshair thickness doesn't have an impact.

My remaining problem is that, having fixed the problem of seeing a focussed reticle without the need for glases I can't see the top turret markings to set it!

Mmm now this is an interesting idea, I've got glaucoma and recently had cataract surgery so as a consequence my eyesight is pretty poor and I have to have the ocular bell almost all the way out? Using one of these lenses might help me. I have the same problem reading the turret so I put my glasses on top of my bobble hat when I'm taking the shot and I wear them when I need to read the sidewheel and top turret.
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