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Originally Posted by dnic View Post

And I can't wait, for the HFT version

Haha, sorry David I wasn't ignoring you

After testing the FT version this past week, I'm certain that it gives me an advantage in all positions, but especially on standers. I've seen an instant improvement already in just a week! (Maybe it's psychosomatic? I don't think it is though)

Now if I design something for HFT that gives you the same boost in stability, I'd be wasting my time because it'll be banned in a heartbeat.

So that's my design challenge with the HFT version, and it's not an easy nut to crack.

I've got some ideas.. but it'll take me a while to figure it all out and it'll take a complete redesign. I doubt you'll see any sample designs for a month or two. Air Arms have managed to design a hook for the FTP900 that the UKAHFT are happy to allow, so it's possible to do.. I just need to figure out how I can achieve the same thing.
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