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Originally Posted by eyewitnesss View Post
Harry could you please show the club rule that states I cannot transport a gun to or from the club in my car with a magazine fitted loaded or not ????????????????
Bri to put the gun into or take it out of the car at the club you would be on club grounds unless
you carried the empty gun out of the gate then loaded it and put it in the car on the
public highway or on coming to the club you parked outside the gate and unloaded
before entering the grounds
My post was just to point out if you follow the basic safty rules you shouldn't go far wrong
no club rule states you can not carry a loaded gun in your car but the rules do state you
are not allowed to have a mag loaded or not in the gun other than over a designated
firing line club rule NEFTA rule BFTA rule
I hope this clarifies my earlyer post

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