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Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
Barry if you are carrying the gun to or from the club
you are in breach of club rules by having a mag in the rifle
loaded or not.
The only time a mag should be loaded is on the
firing line then it must removed every time you move position.
If you are sticking to the rules what you described can't happen
as the mag would always be removed when you got to your car

OMG ! Get Rodgers wind turbine fired up I can feel the committee flicking the kettle on ......

Originally Posted by eyewitnesss View Post
Harry could you please show the club rule that states I cannot transport a gun to or from the club in my car with a magazine fitted loaded or not ????????????????
OMG ! I can defiantly feel a committee meeting coming along ....... Tea bags and shouting here we come !

Originally Posted by barrycheese View Post
Just to make it clear, I abide with all club rules and try very hard not to cross the line as for as the law is concerned.
Again thanks to all for your participation
regards Barry Cheese
Looks like your going too a meeting ...................
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