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I got a pretty little letter from Walther stating the rifle was sub 12 ft-lb. Somewhere lost in the mists of time on is a letter from the HO stating they won't issue EFP to sub 12's. The previous combined with an invite to an event seems to do the trick. I figured that a photocopy of a letter from the HO in the year dot wasn't really going to smooth my way being stopped by the road in a foreign land at 2am so i never bothered keeping it.

The reality is that for places that need licenses, the hosts have sorted the paperwork out for us. For Germany, even though we needed it, because we drove in through Holland (where we didn't), paperwork never left the glove compartment. P&O didn't want to see anything (as far as I can remember) each way at Rotterdam or Hull. Think they wanted some forms filling in with serial numbers... that was it.

In Hungary the guns arrived with the luggage and we elected to go out through the exit 10 yds away than complicate it further, even though we had paperwork licenses. On the way back out though we needed to show them at the airport. They got the guns out in the queue for the scanning machines and put the rest of the passengers minds in a state of frenzy though

Italy, as one may expect, was a bit of a hoop jump, requiring forms in triplicate... and a bribe, sorry fee, for carrying the guns to the plane. Of course even though one person carried 2, we needed to pay twice. Easyjet refunded that much to their resistance. Other airports in italy didn't seem to charge. Go figure.

SA was ok. They tested they weren't illegal calibres scientifically by trying to stick a finger in the breech.

Coming back is simple. Once the plane touches down and they've actually found the guns then the chaps at C&E red channel have been more than helpful and friendly. I think it gives them something to do. And they like looking at guns. The chap at Gatwick is actually a shooter. The lady at Standsted wasn't fussed..."sub12?" "yep" "no concern of me, see ya"

Driving seems to ease the pain. I wouldn't advise going somewhere where you need a license of course, but where you don't then it seems far less paperwork to drive. A quick call to the ferry (who seemed very helpful) beforehand settles the path. Haven't tried Eurotunnel yet. P&O and Easyjet, and BA have been quite ok to deal with. Just check for charges for carrying. P&O none. Easyjet not too bad. BA have upped theirs.

I keep all my travel licenses and documents, and all the stickers on the case. My thinking is that if i am stuck, having reams of paperwork in various languages with all sorts of stamps might help. And the stickers on the case normally mean your gun will be treated as such when crossing borders, and not possibly lost. It doesnt' always work. One of the TeamGB shooters almost lost his rifles after Lufthanza couldn't be bothered to find them for a month... funny when he mentioned it on social media they found them.
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