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Originally Posted by barrycheese View Post
Thanks for that Brian, I think you agree a very controversial subject like so many of the gun laws.
Every law when it's passed has holes in it, it's the job of the judges to interpret the law and come up with a ruling which then goes on to become the law through precedence.

The trouble with this part of the Firearms act is that it hinges on the question of what's a reasonable excuse.. and since it's not defined in the law and there has been no ruling on it by a judge in a high enough court, it remains a hole in the law.

That's why you end up with opinions, because that's all anyone can actually give you.

I used to travel to a rat shoot I had with 8 fully loaded 10 shot mags in my gun bag (not in the gun). The reason I did this is that it was too dark to sit there and load up a mag, I didn't want to flick a light on to load the mags and scare all the rats away, so I took them already loaded. I considered this to be a reasonable excuse, and would have been happy to explain the reasonableness of this to a judge if I had to.

So there you go, technically (according to the law) I had a loaded air gun in a public place.. but it wasn't against the law because I believe my reason for doing what I did was a reasonable excuse.

I don't think it would be reasonable to have a loaded mag actually in the gun though.. but again, that would be for a judge to decide since it's not defined in law.

Club rules are a different thing though
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