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Originally Posted by barrycheese View Post
This post was just a theoretical situation to see what type of answers I would get, so far it seem to me that a lot of people have there own ideas of right and wrong !!!!! very interesting.
As Brian says, whilst the law is very clear on some points, it's grey on others because it comes down to undefined words like reasonable. The HO will have some boilerplate advice to the judiciary on what they consider reasonable, just like they do for 'good reason' which is used to get an FAC. Obviously unless it gets to court and the specifics are the same as your reality, it's an unknown.

So the simple thing to do is not have loaded mags with the gun. And the basic point of never having the rifle loaded unless it's being aimed and shot is just basic day 1 safety.

As ever, we can moot various opinions, but the easiest thing to do is take 1 step back from the grey edge of the law and stand on much clearer firmer ground that leaves little to no doubt.

I've been stopped by the police before (by CID), and having ID, and unloaded gun, with pellets stored in a pocket in the gun bag, and club ID, all made the process simple, pleasant and pain free.
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