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Yep, we can't get an EFP for a rifle not on ticket, and FEO's won't put sub 12 rifles on ticket.

France recently changed their laws, so you won't need one for there. If you do a search on here for France you should be able to find the recent statement made by someone from there.

Germany, they'll need to organise a license for you.

Portugal, according to their WFTF rep posting on the WFTF forum....

Muzzle energy
The muzzle energy limit in Portugal for air rifles is 24 JOULES (17.70 ft/lbs).
All air rifles can be bought in the market with no licenses till this amount of energy.

Rifles over this limit are considered firearms and require a license and can only be used in areas where specially permitted.

Scopes are prohibited since they are considered as “Class A” item (war gear).
The law also says that Scopes can be used in shooting sports as long as you have a shooting license.
Foreigners need an invitation from the “Portuguese Shooting Federation” to participate in a FT competition because of the scope.

Silencers are NOT allowed.

Calibers allowed 4,5mm till 5,5mm.

Shooting Licenses
Because of the scopes restriction to practice Field target everyone needs a license and pass an exam.
Poland, not sure of. But FT has been shot there before so someone on here is bound to know.
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