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Default Friday 24th

I've been back to Sywell this morning. [and Sywell, on the 100yds rifle range is back to normal ~ cold & a howling wind]
I've checked range finding; checked my click chart, and am generally pleased with the outcome.
Some small adjustment to the clicks and magnification at 8/9/10yds, but otherwise, spot-on.

I put 10 knock-downs out at a variety of ranges. With an A4 sized plate beside each of them.
I found out what the wind required on the plate then tackled the target, with the same allowance for wind.
Once I had gone round and got the hang of it I re-filled with air, then shot round the course again, but just at the targets. 15/25/40mm KZ, depending upon the range.
I certainly didn't hit them all first time - but I learned a lot about wind deflection. Horizontally & vertically.
At 45+yds I was anything up to 4xKZ off the target and they were going down. But at that range, with the way the wind was swirling, I was getting caught out vertically as well. Sometimes the pellet would be ½KZ high and other times it would be ½KZ low.

So a lot learned, without worrying too much about 'toppling targets' [though I did get them all at some point during the process ] Another good productive day
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