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The basic safety rules relating to airgun use:

Airguns can, in the wrong hands, be lethal. However, by following a set of simple,common sense safety rules, you can ensure that you are never the cause of an accident.

• Always assume your gun is loaded. You’d be amazed how many accidents have happened with guns their owners ‘knew’ were unloaded.

• Never point your gun at another person.

Never carry a loaded air weapon in a public place and when you are carrying your gun in public, keep it fastened securely away in a gunslip or case.

Never load your gun until you are ready to shoot.

• Never fire your gun unless you are certain the shot will be a safe one. This means checking there are no other people nearby who might be endangered by the shot and ensuring there is a suitable backstop to catch pellets and prevent ricochets.

• When at a shoot, never let your gun out of your sight.

• Never let young children near your gun unsupervised.

• Never touch anyone else’s gun unless you have permission.

• After using your gun, make sure it is unloaded and store it in a secure place to which children cannot gain access. Store ammunition in a separate secure place.

SO, after reading that...why would you carry your gun loaded in the 1st place..

Crazy thing to do all round.
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