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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Agree, but the number of reasonable excuses for having a loaded air rifle in a public place are far fewer than for having an unloaded one so finding a valid reason is going to be tougher. You would need to have your rifle in the car to get from home to the range, but it does not need to be loaded to do so.
That's the drill down philosophy that I think would apply. There's a world of difference between having a loaded rifle, on the seat next to you under a coat, or a full mag in your pocket, stopped driving down a back lane at 3am, and travelling to and from your club, with the rifle empty and bagged with empty mags.

But leaving or travelling with a rifle loaded, mag or otherwise, is very bad safety practice. The only time a rifle should be loaded is when it's about to be used to take a shot.
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