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I definitely have a turret cover if Rob canít sort you out.

If you remove the rubber covered screw on the zoom ring (you might be able to do this by gripping the rubber cap or you might have to ease this rubber cap off to get at the screw proper) and slide the zoom ring forward you will reveal some small screws which lock the ocular bell and the reticule cell. I suspect tightening these might fix the problem, itís certainly something you can do yourself with a small glasses-type screwdriver. Itís so many years since Iíve had a CS apart I canít remember the exact arrangement of screws; you might have to unlock the ocular bell and screw it out a few turns to expose the reticule cell screws, but I donít think so.

Then slide the zoom ring back into place and return the large zoom ring screw, ensuring it picks up with the hole in the brass carrier tube through the slot in the scopeís outer body.
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