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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Some group shots from November... haven't shot much so this was just a case of warming up for an evening...

25m indoors, sitting. Walther, JSB Exact Express from the tin

I think most of the ones in the black are 5's, I was fiddling and playing with position. I think most of the ones in the white are 10 shot groups, with the exception of the one far left on the address which is a 20, and the one to the right of the 5p which is a 40 shot group. The flyer to the right irked me so I repeated the exercise again a few inches to the right with more concentration to get 40 without me sending one off.

I seem to have more of an issue shooting on the black, leading me to suspect I'm not concentrating on the cross hairs position so much visually when I send them, or something along those lines. On the white my groups are better, the flyers appear less.

A 5p coin is 18mm diameter. The better 40 shot group is 12x11mm edge to edge, which means it's around 7.5mm CTC. It's a little reassuring to say that out of 80 shots, if I get the wind right, a 15mm reducer is safe at BFTA and further distances 79 times. If... if I get the wind right. And concentrate.

Nice thing about training indoors is you know it wasn't wind.

Talking of getting things right Rob . i was taught that you concentrated on the point of aim and superimposed the cross hairs on the point of aim . not the other way around . No it is all right rob . you don't have to thank me ??? HOLLY
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