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It has been interesting reading this as it reminds me of what I used to do when I first started FT shooting in the 90's.

For me I found me best improvements back then were whenn:-
1, I was shooting with/against someone who was better than me.
2, Get 1 more target than the last time
3, Make notes of conditions of the shoot to use for reference (note of top score if possible) I still have the book and it does jog memories
4, Practice but have a reason for it such as trigger technique, standers, groups etc. know what you want to achieve at the end of it.
5, If you change part of your equipment then the scores will suffer
And I suppose the hardest part
6, Relax and enjoy the hobby and the company and take the rough with the smooth.
Back then I found out the hard way that a good performance 1 week does not mean the same the follwoing week.

Shot a 50 target course at Nomads FTC (near Petersfield) scored 47 which was the top score next down was a 44. Was relaxed and enjoyed the shoot. The following week did a GP course near Birmingham somewhere would have to look at my notes) I actually hit over only 14 targets, had 13 (my lucky number) splits of which none went down and the other misses were me.
Was so frustrated after that I nearly gave up but my good club mates helped me by saying that every once in a while it can go wrong and usually does spectacularly . There advice was if it does go wrong try and learn from it.

Recently my performance has gone down, I think I know the reasons
1, To much playing with kit
2, Helping others
3, Working to much
4, Not enough Positional practice can not kneel so have to take more standers.
5, Not fit enough

For this I have purchased a small HD video camera (40 from Currys) to actually record myself when doing some practice sessions.
I can then use this to look back at and physically see what I am doing wrong. Then over time I can see if I am getting rid of the bad habits.
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