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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
That's an impressive display Rob.
What I did find significant about it, was your statement "the ones in the black are 5's, I was fiddling and playing with position".
I assume that having sorted your position to a point of satisfaction, you then shot the 10/20&40 shot groups in the white areas.
Which supports Simon's premise about the exercise of shooting indoors, in a benign/neutral environment.

As a result of this whole discussion, I have concluded that I really do need to put a lot more effort and time into making this 'shooting thing' work in my favour. I have to accept that I have, so far, been sitting on the fence by shooting only when I feel like it; shooting a comp, but with the prime objective of being amongst people I enjoy spending time with; placing the emphasis of participating on 'my health and well-being'.
I do, as Simon and others have said, need to commit. And not just when I'm sitting/kneeling/standing at a lane.
In fairness to people who put themselves out for me, [as well as for myself] I need to 'up-the-anté considerably.

I have enjoyed the satisfaction of the last two days at Sywell, because I have made a determined effort - and I have seen the results of that work. I can see now that there needs to be more of that sort of commitment. Many people during the last year have encouraged me to enjoy my shooting. But I must confess that I most enjoy it when I have the satisfaction of progress and a 'job-well-done'. In a sense the score is almost incidental to that, but actually, it does reasonably accurately reflect the application and commitment. The banter, humour and camaraderie would then be a magnificent bonus to the day, rather than the total outcome.

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Hi Jack,

The above was just working on position, and in the end I decided that a 5 shot group was too small a sample to test with, and I should work on larger shot counts to measure performance. So that's my benchmark for the next time. No more 5 shot groups. But yes, if i'm testing my shooting basics then i want to dial out variables I can't control. If i wanted to test my wind reading, i'd do that outdoors. I've got a benchmark I can take out there, rather than thinking that flyer to the right on the first set was a bit of breeze. I know my groups are round, and although i'd like to see less vertical spread, I know they aren't too bad left and right. (always room for improvement)

One thing I always do is make sure my range time is doing something specific. Testing the theory of pellet sizing, or shooting with a mate. Doesn't matter. But there's always something I have in mind.

Your motivation is good, motivation is essential... it can be amplified, but the initial spark of you wanting to do it is the key foundation block. I can tell you from personal experience it's one of the hardest things to find even if you've sorted the rest out. No one can give it to you, you can't buy it, you can't learn it, make it, or dig it up. It's worse than car keys, because unlike them, if you do lose it, it's often not where you left it.

A wise shooter told me one day, stick the good days in the bank, you can remember them when you're having a bad one.

It's good you have a positive feedback cycle between your efforts and reward. Something to remember. It sounds like you are formulating a good picture of what you want. Remember what you want isn't necessarily what others do, and there's nothing wrong with that. We're all different. And when you listen to advice, it's useful to remember the other person may have another ideal from yours in mind.
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